Josh and Mia: Omni Resort and Spa, Barton Springs, Austin, Texas - Destination Wedding Photographer

We met Josh at a wedding we photosgraphed in Portland about 3 years ago. When he first met us, he said that if he ever got married he wanted us to photograph his wedding. The day finally came where he was going to proclaim his vows to Mia and so he called us. I must say, it made us feel pretty special. So we packed up our camper and trekked ourselves out to Austin, TX to party with Josh and Mia at the Omni Resort and Spa, Barton Springs.

These two and their beautiful daughter, Eloise, have formed a beautiful little family that is truly supported and loved by all those around them. Peter and I had a bit too much fun photographing with the stormy Texas skies (we get a little tired of So Cal Sunshine) - also, Josh and Mia both have a smolder that can seriously light a fire in your camera lens. Beware. These Austin folks were great at celebrating. I'm not sure if it was the mac-and-chese bar, the glow sticks, or the funky vibes of the killer live band but the party was definitely going strong all night. 

We felt so very honored to be at this wedding and we can't thank the bride and groom and their sweet families enough. They welcomed us with open arms and so much happiness. Enjoy the photos! 


Jon and Savannah's Wedding: Secret Garden, Moorpark, CA

These two have something seriously special together. We were so stoked when they asked us to shoot their wedding. Its hard to describe a life-changing event in just a few words. But we will tell you that this is one of those wedding that reminds Peter and I of all the reasons we got married. Jon and Savannah had a lot of love surrounding them in the secret garden where they got married. Here's a little bit of what their day looked like. 

-Peter and Emily

Kelly and Kyle's Wedding - Malibu, California

First off, we apologize to all of you who have your face blown off by this uber-long, super epic blog post. It was completely out of our control. We were just too excited about too many photos. If you make it to the bottom you will be rewarded with some ol' timey film photos. Kyle and Kelly's wedding was such an amazing event to be a part of. They invited 25 of their closest family and friends to a rad house on a mountaintop in Malibu. Awesomeness proceeded. We felt truly blessed to have been a part of such special and intimate moments and we know that these two amazing humans have a love that will last them a lifetime. 



Kelly and Kyle really like the look and feel of film and asked that we use some at their wedding. Um.....yes. Enjoy!

David and Alaina: Engagement Photos, Portraits, Arts District, LA, CA

David and Alaina. Peanut butter and jelly. Pizza and beer. All perfect pairs. Great times are inevitably had when there's a rad couple and some deserted city streets. This engagement session was no exception. The afternoon we spent in Los Angeles couldn't have been better. Let's just say it all started off on the right note when we met up at the Pie Hole - the one stop shop for all your pie needs. We're so excited to have made some new friends in David and Alaina and can't wait for their wedding later this year. 


When four roommates all become brides: bridemates - Thousand Oaks, CA, Bridal Portraits

So here's a once in a lifetime experience: we got to photograph not 1, not 6...but 4 brides! The story goes like this: all of them were roommates until each of them was wedded off to the man of their dreams. This only took about 6 months actually. Thankfully for us, they decided to don their gowns one more time to celebrate their friendship/matrimonies. So. Rad.

-Peter and Emily