Chelsea and Alex: Engagement Photos, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, CA

We're so happy that we can call Chelsea and Alex our friends. That, combined with the fact that they are great at frolicking together through green fields in golden sunlight, means that we pretty much had the best time ever on their engagement session. We seriously couldn't get enough. Too much of this California drought has made us appreciate this blossoming spring season all the more - it was pure magic in the hills. These two are deeply in love and the decision they've made to serve one another for the rest of their lives is inspiring. We can't wait to see their families and friends come together to share in their promise at Chelsea's home this summer. Cheers!


Grace and Brandon: Thousand Oaks Wedding Photographer, Private Estate, Santa Rosa Valley

Grace and Brandon were wed in holy matrimony in the presence of their friends and family. We were there to make sure that no one forgot what happened that day, among other things. We've known Grace for many a year and are so happy to see her find a wonderful partner for life. The reception was held in the backyard of the house Grace grew up in, which made the entire event feel very intimate and inviting. One of the best things about this wedding was the fact that Grace and Brandon spent pretty much all night dancing their faces off. There's nothing better than when a Bride and Groom really know how to celebrate. Now go ahead and enjoy some photos of some beautiful people. 

-Peter and Emily

Mike and Jenny - Engagement Photos, Scary Dairy, Camarillo, CA

Mike and Jenny are what you might call rad. They asked us if we'd be down to do their engagement photos at Scary Dairy - a place that is infamously haunted and generally really cool and freaky looking. We obviously said yes. Although we didn't see any paranormal activity, Mike and Jenny seem to be abnormally in love with each other...if that's a thing. Anyway, here's Mike and Jenny exploring the unknown. We can't wait for their wedding in January!


Evelyn Joan - Newborn Photography, Camarillo, CA

You guys, this isn't just any baby. This is the child of the Super Woman, my friend, Kelli. I grew up with this precious baby's mama and its been so cool to watch Kelli and her husband Eric blossom into a family of four with Esmond and Evelyn. I'm so glad one of the ways I can celebrate my friends is to photograph such a special time in their lives. Here's a few of our favorites of little Evelyn Joan.


Elle - Personal Portraits - Camarillo, CA

Sometimes after long work days, Peter and I need to clear our heads and remind ourselves that, for us, taking photographs is more than a job. We often end up equating picking up our camera to going to "work." But by the time we're done shooting we realize its so much more than that. So on occasion, believe it or not, we actually go out to shoot for FUN! And it winds up being the awesomest creativity-fuelling event ever. On this particular occasion, we grabbed our amazing friend Elle Wildhagen and traveled to Mars....oops I mean, Camarillo in some charred hills. 

If you want to be inspired beyond your wildest dreams, you should check out Elle's work: She's an amazing photographer and I've learned so much from her since we became friends about a year ago. So please enjoy this small escape to another planet with our beautiful friend.