Buddy and Priscilla: Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer, Courthouse, Elopement, Civil Ceremony

There are a lot of moments as a wedding photographers where we get let in on moments so special and intimate it almost seems like we shouldn't be there. This was definitely the case with Buddy and Priscilla. They decided to elope at the (stunning) Santa Barbara courthouse and tell their friends and family later. We were the only witnesses and really the only ones (besides the court clerk) who can even verify that it happened. Well let me tell you: Buddy and Priscilla got married and here is the photographic proof. It was such an honor to be there to witness their union we and wish them all the best in their life together. Thanks to our good friend Jenn for the amazing flowers - she kills it. Enjoy!

Randy and Allie: Engagement Photos, Fullerton Airport, Cessna, Flying, Catalina Island

When Randy and Allie asked if we wanted to fly to Catalina and back for their engagement photos, we were like, "mmm nah, that doesn't sound very fun." .......Not. Actually, they had no idea they'd be fulfilling a long time photographic dream of ours. Hanging out with Randy and Allie couldn't have been more laid back and enjoyable. We met them for a great lunch and then soared through the sky thanks to Randy's awesome skills. 

Casey and Megan - Engagement Photos, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria

So these photos you are about to look at are of Casey and Megan. This is a really special one for me. Megan is one of my oldest friends and I couldn't be happier that she found Casey and is getting married. They're such a rad couple and are going to do great things together. We spent the afternoon exploring a magical forest then ended the evening watching the sunset. Kind of a normal day for Emily and I but it's fun to bring some other people along ;) Anyway, we can't wait for Casey and Megan's wedding!


Kevin and Tracy's wedding: Montecito Country Club, Santa Barbara

It was such an honor to witness to witness Kevin and Tracy's joyful union. Their friends and family were such a blast to hang out with. They couldn't have picked a better location than the Montecito Country Club with its fantastic ocean views and old-word charm. Class-central. And can we mention the fact that even in the dead of winter, the sun graced the newlyweds with its warm rays all day? It was meant to be.

Take a gander. 

-Emily and Peter


Ryan and Amanda - Engagement Photos, Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, Botanical gardens

There's just something about being in the desert. All that open space. The quiet. The otherworldly landscape is seriously inspiring. When Ryan and Amanda told us that they wanted to do their engagement session in Palm Springs we freaked out a little bit. Palm Springs is one of favorite places and we couldn't have been more excited. We met them at the Ace Hotel (our normal haunt when we're in town) for a day of exploring and good times. Ryan and Amanda were so fun to hangout with and we had a great time showing them around one of our favorite towns. We can't wait for their wedding later this year!