Grace and Brandon: Engagement Photos, Westlake, California

Can it be possible that frolicking in the green grass in the shadow of the mountains could really be our job? It seems pretty crazy to us but, we'll take it. We never made it to our final destination with Grace and Brandon. Stopping at a spontaneous location off the side of the road was definitely the right decision and we couldn't be happier with the results. The hills in Southern California are so green and lush right now it felt like we were in Scotland or something. Grace and Brandon were so fun to hangout with and we're so thankful that they trusted us enough to follow us deep into the hills in search of rad photographic material.

-Peter and Emily


Leo and Kat: Portraits, Airbnb Airstream, Malibu, California

Leo and Kat have to be some of our favorite people of all time. They're also wicked photographers (see here). They've been such amazingly supportive and fun friends to have in our lives. When they asked if we could take some photos of them, we didn't hesitate for a moment. The four of us stayed at an airstream in Malibu on the top of the Santa Monica Mountains. It was a magical night filled with lots of laughs and good memories. 

Peter and Emily

Oh, and thanks Leo for grabbin' a shot of us with our trusty steed, the Toyota Chinook. 

aaaaand one more of the Chinook for good measure.

Fred and Whitney: Engagement Photos, Malibu Creek, CA

This here is one of those classic examples of true love. Fred and Whitney are the real deal and they're going to seal that deal. We had a great time exploring Malibu creek and witnessed a sunset that could well be described as "extreme." It's a good thing this isn't the last time we're going to have these two in front of our cameras. 

-Peter and Emily

Kelly and Kyle's Wedding - Malibu, California

First off, we apologize to all of you who have your face blown off by this uber-long, super epic blog post. It was completely out of our control. We were just too excited about too many photos. If you make it to the bottom you will be rewarded with some ol' timey film photos. Kyle and Kelly's wedding was such an amazing event to be a part of. They invited 25 of their closest family and friends to a rad house on a mountaintop in Malibu. Awesomeness proceeded. We felt truly blessed to have been a part of such special and intimate moments and we know that these two amazing humans have a love that will last them a lifetime. 



Kelly and Kyle really like the look and feel of film and asked that we use some at their wedding. Um.....yes. Enjoy!

Erica and Gino: Engagement Photos, Malibu, CA

We got to spend a glorious evening with Erica and Gino and their dog Chase. We met them at Malibu Seafood (super good) for a late lunch then went to their favorite beach to hangout. It's such a privilege to witness the beauty of a relationship. Walking down the sunny beach, it was so amazing to watch the way that Erica and Gino interacted and genuinely enjoyed each other. We finished the night off with a glass of wine and talked until the light faded. We're so glad these two are a part of our lives and that we'll get to photograph them saying their vows on the cliffs of Big Sur this Fall. Epic times.