A Sampling of Favorite Moments from 2016

Well another year has come to an end (yeah, yeah, we know that happened like 5 weeks ago) and we're left feeling like we have no idea where the time went. In an attempt to make some sense out of the last 12 months and get an idea of what sort of work we were producing, we went back through the images we made and picked out some of our favorite photos. Does this collection of photos truly capture all of our favorite moments from this year? Absolutely not. Not even close. This was whittled down from about 500 photos...which was already hard. And in hopes that we wouldn't leave you scrolling for all of 2017, we tried our best to just share a sampling of all the great moments that blew our minds this past year. Our 2016 was filled with so much joy and beauty. We are infinitely grateful to everyone who trusted us to tell their stories through the art of photography. Thank you all so much for opening up your lives to us.  Thanks for looking!

-Peter and Emily

Josh and Mia: Omni Resort and Spa, Barton Springs, Austin, Texas - Destination Wedding Photographer

We met Josh at a wedding we photosgraphed in Portland about 3 years ago. When he first met us, he said that if he ever got married he wanted us to photograph his wedding. The day finally came where he was going to proclaim his vows to Mia and so he called us. I must say, it made us feel pretty special. So we packed up our camper and trekked ourselves out to Austin, TX to party with Josh and Mia at the Omni Resort and Spa, Barton Springs.

These two and their beautiful daughter, Eloise, have formed a beautiful little family that is truly supported and loved by all those around them. Peter and I had a bit too much fun photographing with the stormy Texas skies (we get a little tired of So Cal Sunshine) - also, Josh and Mia both have a smolder that can seriously light a fire in your camera lens. Beware. These Austin folks were great at celebrating. I'm not sure if it was the mac-and-chese bar, the glow sticks, or the funky vibes of the killer live band but the party was definitely going strong all night. 

We felt so very honored to be at this wedding and we can't thank the bride and groom and their sweet families enough. They welcomed us with open arms and so much happiness. Enjoy the photos! 


Jamie and Case: Ventura Wedding Photographer, Private Estate

One of our all-time favorite types of weddings is the "backyard wedding." This particular wedding happened in the front yard but it still counts. Jamie and Case said their vows surrounded by only their family and closest friends overlooking the coastal town of Ventura. There was a ton of amazing food, happy tears shed, and general merriment. It was so beautiful to see how both of the families came together to support the new couple. It was obvious hanging out with Jamie and Case that they have a lot of fun together and love each other deeply. It was truly an honor to be there to witness this joyful union.


Brian and Amanda: Oxnard Wedding Photographer, Barn, Private Estate

Brian and Amanda were meant for each other. That much is clear. Another thing that's clear is that they know how to throw a good party. I don't think we've ever been on a crazier dance floor. Their wedding was picture perfect, down to the very last detail. There were lots of tears, lots of laughter, and a whole lotta people gettin' down. Also, as if they don't already have the blessing of many, they got a few rain drops on their wedding day giving them all the luck that could be mustered. Enjoy the photos!

Peter and Emily 


Randy and Allie: Simi Valley Wedding Photographer, Tuscan Villa, California

No one was phased by the heat of the Simi Valley sunshine on this lovely day. Randy and Allie are some of the coolest/nicest/sincere people we've ever gotten lucky enough to work with. There was such a tangible joy shared by the whole wedding party, family, and guests. One of our favorite moments was when Randy's dad/best man rapped his toast to the tune of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air." That pretty much will go down as one of the best toasts in wedding history. To see just how cool this couple really is, you should really take a look at their engagement session when Randy flew us to Catalina. We feel so happy that we could share in a little part of Randy and Allie's lives and we wish them all the best in the world!

-Emily Kappen