Brian and Amanda: Oxnard Wedding Photographer, Barn, Private Estate

Brian and Amanda were meant for each other. That much is clear. Another thing that's clear is that they know how to throw a good party. I don't think we've ever been on a crazier dance floor. Their wedding was picture perfect, down to the very last detail. There were lots of tears, lots of laughter, and a whole lotta people gettin' down. Also, as if they don't already have the blessing of many, they got a few rain drops on their wedding day giving them all the luck that could be mustered. Enjoy the photos!

Peter and Emily 


Randy and Allie: Simi Valley Wedding Photographer, Tuscan Villa, California

No one was phased by the heat of the Simi Valley sunshine on this lovely day. Randy and Allie are some of the coolest/nicest/sincere people we've ever gotten lucky enough to work with. There was such a tangible joy shared by the whole wedding party, family, and guests. One of our favorite moments was when Randy's dad/best man rapped his toast to the tune of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air." That pretty much will go down as one of the best toasts in wedding history. To see just how cool this couple really is, you should really take a look at their engagement session when Randy flew us to Catalina. We feel so happy that we could share in a little part of Randy and Allie's lives and we wish them all the best in the world!

-Emily Kappen

Grace and Brandon: Thousand Oaks Wedding Photographer, Private Estate, Santa Rosa Valley

Grace and Brandon were wed in holy matrimony in the presence of their friends and family. We were there to make sure that no one forgot what happened that day, among other things. We've known Grace for many a year and are so happy to see her find a wonderful partner for life. The reception was held in the backyard of the house Grace grew up in, which made the entire event feel very intimate and inviting. One of the best things about this wedding was the fact that Grace and Brandon spent pretty much all night dancing their faces off. There's nothing better than when a Bride and Groom really know how to celebrate. Now go ahead and enjoy some photos of some beautiful people. 

-Peter and Emily

Patty and John: Ventura Wedding Photographer, California Ranch Wedding

We feel like the luckiest people in the world to have met John and Patty. When we first met them for drinks we instantly connected and we knew that this was going to be the start of a great relationship. What we love most about their wedding is that is was completely "them." Having both grown up in Ventura, they knew they wanted to get married on the land they knew best. They decided to say their vows far up in the hills overlooking the ocean and the incoming fog. The day was filled with endless fun and a good amount of John's home-brewed beer. We look forward to many good times hanging out with Patty and John in the future. 

Peter and Emily

Jerry and Desiree: Limoneira Ranch Wedding, Santa Paula, CA

Jerry and Desiree's wedding was pretty special for us. I grew up knowing Jerry and I couldn't be happier that he found such an amazing woman to spend his life with. Their day was filled with so much laughter and excitement it was enough to get these wedding photographers really excited. It also didn't hurt that they held their wedding at the amazing Limoneira lemon factory. The anticipation we could see in Jerry and Desiree really reminded us of our wedding almost 5 years ago now! It was so much fun to witness their love and catch up with a lot of great friends. We're so excited for them to start their new life together.