Andrew and Jenn: Engagement Photos, Griffith Park, Abandoned LA Zoo

We are so excited to photograph Jenn and Andrew's wedding in a couple weeks at the Smog Shoppe in LA. Especially after we got to see how awesome they are in front of the camera during their engagement shoot. We spent the evening exploring an abandoned zoo. Who knew that old animal cages would have such killer light? It was a serious playground for us. Their may have been a few animal ghost encounters but we all came out unharmed. These two have a super dynamic look and we knew we'd come out with some killer shots. They didn't disappoint. The best moments were when they got slightly embarassed with a camera so close to their face and then starting cracking up. Their wedding can't come soon enough...and I'm sure they feel the same way.


Andy and Kimi: Catalina Island Wedding, Desconso Beach Club, Avalon CA

Kimi and Andy's wedding took place at the beautiful Desconso Beach Club on Catalina Island. Its only an hour from the California coast but it feels like it's worlds away. We got to travel all around the island, shooting at the Chimes Tower, the Catalina Casino, and the secluded Desconso beach. The day was filled with ocean air and beachy breezes and a whole lotta partying. There were hula-hoops, giant bubbles, cakes being cut with swords, and some serious glow-stick action. It was a magical night and we can't wait to visit Catalina again. 

Kimi and Andy: Engagement Photos, Redondo Harbor, CA

Shortly before we headed to Catalina Island to watch these two lovely people get married, we had the distinct pleasure of meeting them at the Redondo harbor for a bit of an adventure. They took us out on their sailboat and the evening couldn't have been more picturesque. Some good wind blew away the cloud cover for some epic sunlight right at the end. We were so excited to get to know Kimi and Andy and we're super excited to share their wedding with everyone very soon. Until then, enjoy some nautical goodness. 

Emily Kappen


Michelle and Anthony: Engagement Photos, Pasadena, CA

We had the awesome opportunity to spend the afternoon with Michelle and Anthony. We met them at the amazing Arroyo Seco park in Pasadena for some hangout and photo taking time. What we didn't realize before getting there was this park is home to the "roving archers"...which is exactly what it sounds like. There were a bunch of people roaming around with bows and arrows and we are more than a little afraid for our own skin. Fortunately the only things we came out with were some good images and some new friends. Watch your back if you ever go to this park.


Brian and Amanda: Oxnard Wedding Photographer, Barn, Private Estate

Brian and Amanda were meant for each other. That much is clear. Another thing that's clear is that they know how to throw a good party. I don't think we've ever been on a crazier dance floor. Their wedding was picture perfect, down to the very last detail. There were lots of tears, lots of laughter, and a whole lotta people gettin' down. Also, as if they don't already have the blessing of many, they got a few rain drops on their wedding day giving them all the luck that could be mustered. Enjoy the photos!

Peter and Emily