Elle – Personal Portraits – Camarillo, CA

Sometimes after long work days, Peter and I need to clear our heads and remind ourselves that, for us, taking photographs is more than a job. We often end up equating picking up our camera to going to “work.” But by the time we’re done shooting we realize its so much more than that. So on occasion, believe it or not, we actually go out to shoot for FUN! And it winds up being the awesomest creativity-fuelling event ever. On this particular occasion, we grabbed our amazing friend Elle Wildhagen and traveled to Mars….oops I mean, Camarillo in some charred hills. 

If you want to be inspired beyond your wildest dreams, you should check out Elle’s work: She’s an amazing photographer and I’ve learned so much from her since we became friends about a year ago. So please enjoy this small escape to another planet with our beautiful friend.  


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These are so rad I can’t even stand it. Wedding season is ALMOST about to slow down… so I demand a photo safari-shootout-lovefest with the gang. October perhaps? xoxo

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