The Desert

Once upon a time, Peter decided that Emily deserved to have some time off for her birthday. Did he take her dancing? or to a fancy restaurant? or to a concert? no. He took her to the desert – because he knows her best. 

After a visit to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs (our fav), we took a day to explore the haunting landscape and towns around the Salton Sea. The half-abandoned town of Bombay Beach rested near a beach made up of fish bones and dead birds with a boat launch that looked like a nuclear waste spill. From there we traveled through Niland to Salvation Mountain and Slab City. There are no words to describe this place. Photos can’t really do it justice. So you should go see it for yourself. Following our Southern California desert trip we made our way all the way up to Mammoth Mountain. We had to stop at Manzanar in the Mojave desert and battle the crazy winds to snap some photos of each other at the bottom of the snowy Sierras. 

 There’s way too much to tell about these amazing places and why we wanted to visit them. But hopefully the photos will spark your interest enough to see them for yourself one day. Enjoy.


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