Portland and Seattle: some personal travel photography

So we got the rad opportunity to photograph Danny and Jenny’s wedding in Portland a little while back. It was a blast. We decided that since it was our first time in the Northwest, we wanted to hangout for a little while and also visit Seattle. We really loved the overarching laid-back vibe of Portland. I mean, who couldn’t love a city that places so much importance on brunch? While we were there it was hot and sunny and kind of just felt like California. I’m thinking that’s a rare occurrence and we would have been totally fine with it except that we were hoping for some killer cloud photos. Emily and I had an awesome time exploring the city while consuming amazing food/bevs. We can’t wait to go back and see some other parts of the city. Segue via train to Seattle. Our first day there we decided that it would be a good idea to walk obscene distances and see everything. For everything other than our feet, it turned out to be a great idea. We got unbelievable biscuit sandwiches, explored Pike Place market, took the ferry across the bay, Checked out the salmon ladder things, drank killer coffee, drank the best mead ever (with a side of amazing pizza), went up in the Space needle, and finished off the day checking out the Chihuly glass exhibit. It was a killer day. Our time on the Space Needle was pretty magical. Not only did we get to see a stunning sunset but we also had the most unbelievable view of Seattle framed by a full moon and the majestic Mount Rainier. The next day we had the singular pleasure of being photographed by the one and only Benj Haisch. It was amazing. Seattle was a really fun place to hangout but we simply didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted. Looks like we’ll just have to go back soon. Anyway, thanks for reading my novel and I hope you enjoy the photos!


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I’m pretty jealous of how totally super-rad you guys are. And that city skyline photo especially — mad talent.

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