A Sampling of Favorite Moments from 2016

Well another year has come to an end (yeah, yeah, we know that happened like 5 weeks ago) and we’re left feeling like we have no idea where the time went. In an attempt to make some sense out of the last 12 months and get an idea of what sort of work we were producing, we went back through the images we made and picked out some of our favorite photos. Does this collection of photos truly capture all of our favorite moments from this year? Absolutely not. Not even close. This was whittled down from about 500 photos…which was already hard. And in hopes that we wouldn’t leave you scrolling for all of 2017, we tried our best to just share a sampling of all the great moments that blew our minds this past year. Our 2016 was filled with so much joy and beauty. We are infinitely grateful to everyone who trusted us to tell their stories through the art of photography. Thank you all so much for opening up your lives to us.  Thanks for looking!

-Peter and Emily

Engagement Session

Jake and Sabrina: Engagement Photos, San Francisco, Muir Woods, Marin County, Sightglass Coffee, Rain, Destination Wedding Photographer

Jake and Sabrina are like two peas in a pod. That’s not to say they are vegetables or anything…it’s more a reference to the closeness of their relationship and the kindred-ness of their spirits. Ya I’m no word-smith but these two are awesome. They invited us up to San Francisco to join them at some of their favorite spots. Even the incessant downpour couldn’t cast a gloom on how much fun we had. We spent the better part of the day exploring and photographing around the city and across the Golden Gate Bridge in the Muir Woods. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jake and Sabrina and are so excited to be photographing their wedding in the mountains later this year. Enjoy some liquid love.