Brian and Tricia’s wedding – Private Estate, Santa Ynez, CA

Brian and Tricia are great people. We only found out we were photographing their wedding 2 days before it happened….we like to live on the edge. Brian’s a musician/composer and Tricia is a gnarly mixologist. Instead of some cliché unity sand or some candles, Brian, Tricia, and their close friends and family poured alcohol into a barrel to age and eventually become one tasty drink. Pretty rad if you ask me. Their wedding took place at a private estate overlooking Santa Ynez.



Recentish photos: Ventura, CA

Here are a few photos we like. There’s no theme but they are all pretty much from our new hometown – Ventura, CA. We love it here. Although we love weddings, we also like to take some photos for ourselves once and while. Enjoy!

-Peter and Emily

Engagement Session

Leah and Justin – Engagement Photos, Knapp’s Castle, Santa Barbara

Oh my goodness, where do I even start with these two. I’ve known Leah for a very long time. She stood up for me at my wedding and I will be standing up in hers. I couldn’t be happier that Leah has found her Prince Charming. Justin and Leah together are unstoppable. Even through the cold and the fading light they still look wonderful together. Hanging out at Knapp’s Castle in Santa Barbara with them was like stepping back in time. Peter and I really excited to be photographing their wedding…that I’m also a bridesmaid in. Not our normal set-up but it will sure be a lot of fun!